No matter where they go in the world, people tell the sisters that they’ve never heard or seen anything like it, that their sound is completely unique and that they perform with what seems to be an inexhaustible energy. That’s Baskery’s aim, to never stop surprising. The music is not to be confused with country or bluegrass just because the instrumentation involves a double bass, a six string banjo and acoustic guitar. They use their instruments in an unconventional way to create their very own genres: banjo punk, rock-hop and nordicana.

The three sisters can’t recall when or why they started playing, the music’s always just been there. “Performing live has become the most natural thing to us”. That’s where the high energy level on stage hails from, a pure and reckless love to the art of performing music. In their late teens the sisters joined forces with their dad, who since decades was a one man band playing old blues and country tunes for a living.

“Playing with dad is the best education we could have wished for. Performing in rowdy pubs and bars gave us the backbone that carries us through every imaginable situation one may come across in the music biz. It’s doesn’t get much more real than that.” This foundation of classic “roots music and Americana” settled in their hearts, but also awoke the urge of breaking the rules of traditional music.

Baskery is a band built on what three people can do together and it’s all about turning the music on its head, blending the straightforwardness of punk with the subtlety of singer/songwriting.

The first album, “Fall Among Thieves” (2008) was recorded in Stockholm, co-produced by Lasse Mårtén (Pink, ‘Peter, Bjorn and John’, Kelly Clarkson). “New Friends” (2011) the follow up, the band referer to as the “gypsy album” since it was mainly tracked on the road in various hotel rooms and band apartments, then mixed in Berlin by Blackpete (Depeche Mode, Joe Jackson, Peter Fox). As a contrast to the first two albums who took several months to make, the third one “Little Wild Life” was recorded during ten days in an old dance studio converted to a studio in former east Berlin, co-produced by Matt Wignall (Cold War Kids, J. Roddy Walston).

All three albums received great acclaims by the press and are released in numerous countries. The releases in combination with relentless touring have given the band a reputation as one of the music scene’s most noticeable live acts. In early 2014 the band started working with Kobalt Music Publishing and have recently collaborated with high-profile song writers such as Billy Steinberg (Madonna, The Bangles, (Cyndi Lauper), Joe Henry (John Denver) and Jimmy Harry (Madonna, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears).

Since the very beginning of Baskery the sisters have guarded their independency but when approached by Dan McCarroll (President and A&R) at Warner Music, they felt intrigued to break their indie tradition and make their next record on a major label. In August 2014 they signed a world wide recording deal with Warner Bros Music (Los Angeles). Baskery is one of few Swedish acts to get signed directly to a US major record company. The making of their 4th studio album is due january-february 2015.