On Their Latest Album

Ben Harper, bassist Juan Nelson, and keyboardist Jason Yates talk about their most recent album Call It What It Is:

“The process of working outside of my comfort zone is really important to my growth,” explains Harper. “The situations I’ve put myself in have pushed me further than I could go in any familiar setting, and that’s what brought me back full circle to the Innocent Criminals now. Everybody went out and grew in their own ways during our time apart, and that’s brought this heightened level of appreciation for each other and what we do.”

“There’s a natural way we move together and flow through the recording of a song,” explains Yates. “There’s an unspoken dialogue that runs steady through this album like a river. The feelings evoked by these songs are coming from the very depths of our souls. It’s a sacred sharing.”

“Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and different styles of music,” said Nelson. “What makes us unique is that we come from different places musically and we seem to complement each other because of the different styles that we play.”

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals – “Ground on Down (Live at Bonnaroo)”